Discover new ways to wear your Scarflace.
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The Crossover

Place the Scarflace around the back of the neck, un-magnatize the ends. Cross, it once, cross it twice, and bring up around the back of the neck and let the magnets clip together.

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The Parisian

Half the scarf, and place around the neck. 
Put only one end of the scarf through the loop and clip the magnet.

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The Necklace

Start by rolling one end of the scarf, until the whole scarf is twisted. Join together and magnetize, creating a plait, and like a string of pearls, place around the neck. Creating the perfect choker necklace.

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Figure of 8

Place the Scarflace over your head, magnets at the front. Cross it once, cross it twice, and join the magnets together.

Scarflace demonstration

Scarflace demonstration

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